Connect your business to the USAEuropeSE Asia

Business exploration

Visit new global eco-systems and meet potential partners, investors, and startups

Business exploration

We assist companies looking for international connections to organize business exploration excursions.


Worldwide investment, acquisition, and strategic partnership opportunities.


Companies rely on us to locate, diligence, and negotiate with target companies in foreign markets.

Global acceleration

Find the best path to globally expand your company

Global acceleration

Our custom-made acceleration programs assist in bringing companies into new markets.


Learn the secrets of thriving eco-systems.


Tailor-made research and strategies that helped global startups succeed.

Global programs in process

Select one of our existing programs or contact us for a customized program or service for you 


Go Global Korea

For South Korean Companies seeking to expand operations internationally.

Go Global Korea

Meet international partners, channels, and investors; interact with your target market; and learn how to scale globally.
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Silicon Valley Launchpad

For startups that want to enter the US and raise funds.

Miami Launchpad

Connect with Florida's tech and venture ecosystem
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How it works with your business or organization:

Need discovery and program structuring

Together with your leadership team we will map out the needs of your organization and how to address that need using international connections. Our professional team will create a detailed program for you including scheduling delegations, business meetings, and necessary workshops. This is also the stage where we can set KPIs and target to ensure success is met.


Program activation

Taking care of business. Our team will ensure successful execution of all stages of the program. This includes scouting relevant partners, due diligencing, scheduling meetings and setting expectations, creating workshop syllabuses, and enlisting required talent. Our team will work along side and in collaboration with your organization every step of the way.    


Ongoing follow up

We will continue to oversee any conversations and follow-ups resulting from business interactions generated by the program even after it has ended. Our team will act as your team on the ground for any ongoing needs you may have in the target market. This will also enable us to formulate new programs to advance your organization even more.


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