Global Expansion Solutions

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Ava Diamond


A program manager with 25+ years of hi-tech experience in global, cross-cultural environments. Ava advises early-stage tech startups on product development and operations to ensure a successful go-to-market. Her collaboration with engineering, product management, marketing, and executive teams is well-known.


Jihye Roh


Specialized communicator between Korea and Israel beyond cultural differences. She has insight and understanding of both cultures through her graduate school studies in Bezalel, Jerusalem, and working as a marketer in the med-tech industry. Jihye is involved as a communicator with great language skills for those who want to overcome cultural differences to take a step into the global market in business areas


Aaron Rothenberg & Yossi Konijn

Managing partners

Aaron and Yossi have been involved in the Israeli startup scene for more than 25 years as investors, founders, and mentors.

The two established Investable Solutions, which is a leading advisory and corporate development firm and have created an unparalleled network of global connections. Aaron and Yossi launched Global Expansion Solutions following demand from their clients in South Korea, UAE, and Europe for assistance in expanding beyond their local markets. 


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